Reval® for your construction site

Valbruna, producer of stainless steel reinforcing bars, with its trade mark REVAL, offers a bright range of grades and dimensions. Shipments are worldwide possible, also directly to the construction site. Additionally a service program can be offered, which includes a servicelife study, the supply of pre-finished reinforcing systems, price stability from the start of the project phase until installation and a guaranted lifetime of 75 years.

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Coil-Weight + Bar-Length
nominal size / mm
Coils fromØ 3 to 20 mm700 kg - 1500 kg
Bars fromØ 3 to 50 mm / max. 12 m 
Tolerances on mass per metre run
nominal size / mmtollerances / %
Ø 3 to 8+/- 6,0 mm
Ø 8 to 50+/- 4,5 mm
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1.4301 (304)1.4462 (318 - duplex)1.4404 (316L)
1.4307 (304L)1.4429 (316LN)1.4436 (316)
sizecross-sectional areasizecross-sectional area
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Stainless steel mesh
Dimensions : 2000 x 3000
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Wire in coils
EN StandardEN 10088-3
Grade1.4307 (304L)
Diameter1,2 mm
tensile strengthMax. 680 N/qmm
weight25-30 kg
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The shapes can be produced according your requirements. The standard shapes are listed below. 

Valbruna stainless steel reinforcements shapes
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Reinforcement Couplers
diameter mm192529354352
lenght mm293745536577
Valbruna StandardSCA 12SCA 16SCA 20SCA 25SCA 32SCA 40
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Threaded rods
diameter mm121620253240
thickness mm151923273339
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Delivery times
Products available from stock
formed parts approx. 2 weeks
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Service: Studies for the application of REVAL

For projects we provide to you calculations and studies on the use of reinforcements from stainless steel with the required steel reinforcement and the minimum concrete cover. The waranty for these projects is up to 100 years.

Valbruna stainless steel reinforcements graph

Control of details to ensure servicelife

Valbruna‘s CDS study consider exposition classes, lifetime, maintenance, concrete and steel grades, and probability for corrosion & safety factor..

Valbruna stainless steel reinforcements safety index

The study results in a recommended concrete coverage
of the reinforcement.

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